Bridges Special Edition: A New Home

Introducing the Peter & Paul Community Campus

More than a Shelter

We purchased the property for $3 million using St. Louis City and State of Missouri ARPA awards. Renovations and rehabilitation will be needed, estimated at $20 million, with $7 million already committed. We plan to tackle the project in phases with final construction expected in 2026 or early 2027.

A New Home & New Practices

Our years-long search to find a bigger, better home for operations is finally over. We purchased the former Little Sisters of the Poor site at 3225 N. Florissant Avenue on April 15 and shared the good news at our annual Under One Roof gala on April 20. Our new space – because it will house so much more than an emergency shelter and serve our local community – is now aptly named the Peter & Paul Community Campus.

“Our goal with this name was to be clear that this site will be a home for multiple programs serving different populations as well as the neighborhood,” said Anthony D’Agostino, CEO of PPCS. “We envision shared services within transitional housing, pet-friendly spaces, medical care, and many types of operations to meet the needs of different populations struggling with stable housing.”

We will finally be able to address the gap in need for services, shelter beds, and housing in St. Louis. Our clients will have a spacious dining room and private greenspace. Clients arriving in crisis will have space to decompress and navigate their next steps with the support of our team.

“Since last summer, we have allowed clients to stay with us all day and night,” said Teri Dunn, Soulard Shelter Director. “There is no more being forced to leave in the morning and lining up to gain entrance at night. We are now a 24-hour facility, which leads to quicker positive outcomes for clients working to turn their lives around. This practice also makes the shelter a better neighbor to the surrounding community by reducing public loitering and nuisance behaviors.”

Ready to Grow

The first phase of creating the Community Campus will be moving and improving our shelter, renamed the Saint Jeanne Jugan Shelter in honor of Jeanne Jugan, foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor. We hope to complete our shelter transition this summer.

“Seeing everyone come together in the new space working so hard to get the shelter up and running, the energy and excitement is palpable,” said Amanda Laumeyer, COO of PPCS. “We have a long way to go over the next few years, but the end result of increased shelter and affordable housing is well worth not just the financial investment but also the sweat, tears, and time needed.”

We are currently busy hiring additional staff for the new facility. We are so blessed to finally have a full kitchen on site for our clients, and we are also hiring more shelter monitors to complement our 24/7 security already on staff to ensure safety and security remain a top priority in the larger space. Once our current 60 clients settle in this summer, we will start the process to safely welcome new clients.

PPCS Chief Facilities and Maintenance Officer Steve North poses gleefully with former ownership staffer Mary Carol as she hands over the keys to our new home.

Vision for the Future

The long-term vision for the Community Campus is a combination of emergency shelter, transitional housing, and expanded services.

We are exploring the possibility of partnerships with local nonprofits interested in co-locating services at the new Community Campus. In conjunction with our renamed Jugan Shelter, the city will continue to fund over 100 clients in two of the buildings. The programs are independent, with clients from Peter & Paul and the Magdala Group sharing meals together in the dining hall, and staff working together to connect clients to the resources they need.

The journey to expand our services to help more people in need has not been easy, but it is worthwhile. In 2023, the St. Louis Continuum of Care reported an estimated deficit of 169 beds in the city. With your help, we can end homelessness in St. Louis.

A Beyond Shelter Capital Campaign Cabinet led by Bill and Susan Salzman, Meg Huber, and Deb Cottin is planning tours and visits. To participate, contact Deb Cottin at 314.221.6197 or

This project is funded in part by the City of St. Louis via the US Department of Treasury Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund/American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

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