Celebrating Second Chance Success

On May 17, PPCS hosted a Second Chance Job Fair at Biddle House. This special occasion was a testament to the power of compassion and access to opportunity. We were honored to host and witness the collective efforts of PPCS staff, participating employers, and our supporters – you!

Our staff ensured our residents looked their best and felt confident for their interviews. With Kakneka on attire, Pam on haircuts, and Daquita on public relations, our clients had an extra boost of self-assurance and vendors felt welcomed.

Robert prepared a delightful lunch for everyone involved. Clare and Jason did whatever necessary to keep the event running smoothly. Darlene and Tom transported clients to and from the fair, and Antawan set the scene for all participants to be comfortable. Everyone together set the stage for success. Vision and leadership was provided by Teri Dunn, Soulard Shelter Director, and planning and execution was done by Maurice White, Community Support Liaison.

In total, we had the privilege of collaborating with six employers, leading to 82 interviews and an impressive outcome of 22 hires and another 14 potential hires. The Second Chance Job Fair was not only a success, but a showcase the resilience of our clients. Together, we made a lasting impact on the lives of those seeking a second chance.