Who We Are & What We Do

We raise a glass and toast the mission of Peter & Paul Community Services (PPCS).

We are business leaders who care about solving homelessness in St. Louis. There are roughly 1,500-2,000 of our fellow human beings living on the streets of St. Louis in a typical year. Thousands more live on the edge of homelessness. Our help is changing lives and providing hope.

To that end, we raise awareness of issues that perpetuate homelessness and solutions that lessen the obstacles on the path to stability. We contribute needed funds to PPCS in the form of membership dues. In 2021 alone, we raised $86,000. Our dues go 100 percent to support the shelter, housing, and wrap-around services provided by PPCS. We gather our business leaders three times a year for cocktails after work from 5-7 p.m. at locally-owned bars and restaurants. That way it’s easy to stop in on the way home. Gatherings have a fun, social feel as you get to meet other business leaders in the community. Occasionally, we have an alderman or others to speak on homelessness. We also volunteer serving meals and encourage you to bring your family members to help. It’s a great feeling serving people who really need and appreciate the hospitality.

Interested in Joining?

Membership can be paid yearly or in automated monthly installments. Tax credits are available to offset this expense bringing your out-of-pocket expenses down to below 50 cents on the dollar. Please reserve your credits when joining or renewing membership to ensure adequate supplies for your needs and plan the timing of your donation. Dues range from $20,000-$5,000 depending on your capacity and interests.

To pursue membership, please contact us to schedule a coffee or lunch meeting. Please reach out to Deb Cottin at 314-338-8188 or dcottin@ppcsinc.org to make arrangements.

Jay Shields & Peter Miller

Founders of Sons & Daughters of Soulard

Our History

Sons & Daughters of Soulard was conceived over a glass of beer between two old friends. The year was 2015. The friends had just had a life-changing experience serving meals to those in need at a program managed by PPCS in Soulard. Jay Shields, CEO of Schaeffer Manufacturing, and Peter Miller, a former financial services executive, felt compelled to do more.

They decided to recruit business leaders from the Soulard community to put their considerable resources to bear on the challenges of poverty and homelessness. And now, many wonderful relationships have been forged and the enthusiasm for creating and sustaining affordable places to live is substantial. More than $500,000 have been raised to help our neighbors living in the margins of society move from isolation to safety and stability. The group has expanded to welcome leaders from throughout the St. Louis region. We are full-steam ahead!