Community Meals

For those who are experiencing homelessness, or who live on limited or fixed incomes, too often regular hot meals are a luxury beyond their reach. When those who are experiencing homelessness have money to pay for food, they often only have enough for cheap and unhealthy options. When they do not have money for food at all, they depend on scant handouts, or food that has been discarded by others. This can lead to malnutrition and worsen health problems they are already unable to have treated.

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church has taken on the role of managing the meals program. The transition was official as of Friday, Nov. 12.  


We have a valuable relationship with the church which we deeply appreciate. We continue to be partners with the church who continues to support us by housing our Soulard Shelter as they have done for 40 years now at no charge to us or those we serve. 


We appreciate the church’s dedication to feeding and sheltering people who are experiencing hunger and homelessness. 


If anyone is interested in serving meals or being involved with the meals program, they can contact the church secretary Rachel Schoenberger at 314-231-9923 or 

Meals Program