By joining our GEM program, you will be providing dependable support even during the most uncertain, troubled times.

Read about some the people and programs you will be sustaining:

When hard times strike, those who are already hurting generally feel the most pain. During difficult times, your automated monthly support can make all the difference for those who need us most. Be a GEM and help PPCS remain a warm, safe place to land. Monthly giving is predictable, affordable, and convenient for you, our valued donor.

How It Works

Become a GEM donor by setting up an automated $10 or more monthly donation on your credit card.  Sign up here, or give us a call. You can use your credit or debit card, or EFT through your bank account. As a GEM, you will receive a letter of receipt for tax purposes each January. Monthly gifts can be changed or cancelled at any time.

Thank you!

We appreciate our current monthly givers, many of whom have been giving generously this way for years.