Community CollabARTive

The community collabARTive is an arts-based community development collective that began in 1999 and was co-founded by artist, Con Christeson and Tom Burnham, PPCS staff. It began as a partnership with local artists and the staff/clients of Peter & Paul Community Services. Its primary goal has always been to create a community among residents of the transitional housing programs and support relationships between residents and staff. Now 20 years later, it is an open-source, co-creation model that is shared freely with other artists and creatives, agencies and businesses, students and educators. We have seen change and transformation at the individual, program, and organizational levels. Residents and staff succeed and fail together as we realize our individual and collective voice. We have many stories to tell and hear. We invite partnerships and collaborations in this work that is WITH [not for] others, that engages community, that redefines US.

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Con Christeson

Managing Artist, Co-Founder

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Tom Burnham

Community Relations Director Co-Founder

Collabartive Art
Collabartive Art

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