Emergency Shelters

Over 1,000 people live on the streets of St. Louis City each day. These people may be homeless for different reasons: unemployment, physical or mental illness, or poverty. One thing they have in common though is that they have no permanent home to call their own. Many organizations exist in St. Louis to help this population, but most are targeted toward homeless families, or homeless women and children. Though homeless single adult men are often perceived as the most volatile of the homeless population, most are not. Nevertheless, they are underserved.

Soulard Shelter

711 Allen Ave.  |  St. Louis, MO 63104

Peter & Paul Community Services offers a year-round emergency shelter for homeless single adult men. The shelter provides beds, food, showers, laundry, lockers, and a safe, caring alternative to living on the street.

  • Provides 60 beds, all occupied every night
  • More than 50% of residents are employed
  • 30% of residents are mentally ill
  • 30% of residents have substance abuse problems
  • 15% of residents are veterans

Emergency Shelter staff members also direct residents to community resources available to them, including:

  • Health and mental health services
  • Developmental disability services
  • Veterans Services

Biddle Housing Opportunities Center

Biddle Housing Opportunities Center (BHOC) was opened in August of 2016, when PPCS, St. Patrick Center, and the City of Saint Louis partnered to build a front door to services in the community. BHOC allows us to address chronic homelessness with coordinated intake and assessment, housing options and support services as well as adding much needed shelter capacity. The center is the most efficient way to create an environment where people who are homeless or at risk can most easily access housing and support with no barriers.

In the evening, BHOC operates as an Overnight Emergency Shelter. Clients receive basic toiletries, a place to shower, a warm meal, laundry, lockers, and a bed. Here we can sleep 100 men in the evening, and in the case of an emergency, up to 200.

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