Permanent Supportive Housing

Opened by PPCS in 2015, the Garfield Place Apartments present clients with a permanent place to stay while also providing supportive services, including a nurse, occupational therapist, and educational classes on topics such as financial literacy and healthy eating.


Approximately 15% of the homeless population in the St. Louis metropolitan region is chronically homeless. This means that these individuals have been homeless for long periods of time, sometimes for years or even their entire adult lives. They live with physical or mental disabilities, and either do not understand their need for aid or are unable to find the help they need. The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness reports that the cost to the community for each chronically homeless person can be reduced by up to 58% once that person finds permanent supportive housing.

Peter & Paul Community Services’ Garfield Place Apartments Program is designed to reach those who are chronically homeless and provide them with permanent supportive housing. Garfield allows the St. Louis community to spend its resources to best help the homeless population, and it ensures that chronically homeless individuals never have to live on the street again. Garfield includes:

  • Permanent supportive housing for 25 residents
  • Housing First Model allows Garfield to immediately provide basic needs
  • Apartments, classrooms, treatment rooms, and recreation facilities

Garfield also has a psychiatric nurse, a social worker, an occupational therapist, a substance abuse counselor, and hospitality staff to help residents:

  • Access community resources
  • Reconnect with family
  • Build life skills
  • Prepare for employment opportunities
  • Address substance abuse issues

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