Give STL Day – Thank you for Supporting our Community

A day of collaborative giving to create a more equitable St. Louis.

Thank You for Helping Us Reach our $5,000 Goal

What a happy ending we have to share with you! At the end of the 24-hour giving period, 35 generous donors had donated $3,500 through the Give STL Day online platform. Then, a loyal donor Mike emailed, and here are his exact words, “I know Give STL Day is now passed, but I’d like to donate $1,500. That amount would stand to meet your goal, albeit a few days later.” So…together, we did it!

A big thanks to the 36 donors who supported this region-wide effort to raise funds and spread the word about the good work we all do for STL!

About Give STL Day

Created by the St. Louis Community Foundation in 2014, in its 10+ year history Give STL Day has raised more than $30 million for thousands of local nonprofits. PPCS is grateful for this unique St. Louis tradition that shines a light on the needs in our community.