As temperatures cool and the year comes to a close, most of us begin looking forward to some of our most cherished fall traditions. Perhaps that is going out to an orchard to pick apples for a pie or a perfect pumpkin to carve. For others, it might be decorating their home and preparing for a family gathering.

However, at Peter & Paul Community Services, fall means something completely different. While most prep for their favorite holidays, we begin preparing for the impending cold weather conditions.

Last year in St. Louis, temperatures hit historic lows and living on the street was life-threatening. During the 2017-2018 winter, we operated emergency winter overflow on more than 30 occasions, supplying 100 additional cots each night to help get individuals out of dangerous conditions.

With this year’s cold weather approaching, we are asking for your help in raising money to keep some of St. Louis’ most vulnerable citizens warm this winter.


*Thermometer will be updated at the end of each day.


An anonymous donor has generously agreed to match what is raised during this campaign. Our goal this year is $10,000. That means we have the opportunity to raise up to $20,000!

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What are we raising money for?

  • Warm Transit
    The majority of those we serve use public transportation to get to their jobs, sobriety meetings, church, and to see family. However, taking the bus daily can add up and, when money runs out, often leaves walking as an individual’s only choice. With below freezing temperatures on the horizon, that makes this method of getting around dangerous, or sometimes even impossible. Help us reach this goal so we can make sure those we serve are warm on their way to work.
  • Warm Meals
    PPCS has several programs that serve warm meals to those who are hungry in the area. Last year alone, we served over 200,000 meals at our emergency shelter, our transitional housing units, our permanent supportive housing program, and at our meals program. Help us raise this money to ensure we can continue to keep supplying hot dishes, especially during the cold weather.
  • New Beds
    Last year PPCS provided over 70,000 nights of safe shelter and that’s a lot of wear and tear on our beds. Therefore a portion of the funds raised from this campaign will purchase new beds and linens for our programs. At Peter & Paul Community Services we have five different St. Louis locations that provide safe shelter for our clients. Currently, we are working to replace older beds with new, metal bed frames that are easy to clean. Your gift can help provide brand new, safe and warm beds for those in our programs!

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