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Redemption Rye Whiskey 92

With a rye content of 95%, well past the 51% required for the category, this is a recreation of the classic American whiskey that ruled our glasses before Prohibition.
Nose: Big and spicy, toasted oak, vegetal notes, allspice and anise
Palate: Beautiful rye spice with light floral and citrus notes along with dark spices and black pepper
Finish: Slight mint finish makes this great for sipping or mixing in a classic cocktail

Old Elk Straight Wheat Whiskey

Wheat mash bills have all the same challenges of a rye and are never an easy path to take when distilling, but Metze decided to craft Old Elk’s Straight Wheat Whiskey in the spirit of the acclaimed 95 percent rye whiskey. He applied all of his expertise and knowledge into producing another one-of-a-kind product: a mash bill of 95 percent soft red winter wheat and five percent malted barley, aged for five years, this whiskey is a vivacious and refreshing spirit that is reinventing what it means to be a sipping whiskey.
Tasting Notes
Aroma: Soft, honey, fruity, cherry, vanilla and oak
Taste: Warm, peach, dried fig, vanilla, oak, yeasty, cedar.

Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond

This is crafted to honor a watershed moment in bourbon history – the U.S. Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. This expression follows the Bottled in Bond standards that whisky must be aged in a federally bonded warehouse for at least four years, the product of one distillation season, one distiller and from one distillery and bottled at 100 Proof. The concept behind these regulations – the idea of ‘sealed in quality’ – was something Old Forester introduced in 1870, as America’s First Bottled Bourbon.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Ancient buffalo carved paths through the wilderness that led American pioneers and explorers to new frontiers. One such trail led to the banks of the Kentucky River where Buffalo Trace Distillery has been making bourbon whiskey the same way for more than 200 years. In tribute to the mighty buffalo and the rugged, independent spirit of the pioneers who followed them, we created our signature Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
Tasting Notes
This deep amber whiskey has a complex aroma of vanilla, mint and molasses. Pleasantly sweet to the taste with notes of brown sugar and spice that give way to oak, toffee, dark fruit and anise. This whiskey finishes long and smooth with serious depth.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

An innovative approach to twice-barreled bourbon creates the rich and colorful flavor of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Uniquely matured in separate, charred oak barrels – the second barrel deeply toasted before a light charring – extracts additional soft, sweet oak character.
Tasting Notes
Nose: Rich notes of dark fruit, caramel, sharp honey, chocolate, marzipan and toasted oak.
Taste: A full-bodied mix of vanilla, dark caramel, hazelnut, apple, fruit and spices.
Finish: Long and creamy with lingering hints of honeyed apple.


Gewurztraminer Réserve Lucien Albrecht

The Gewurztraminer varietal is pink with white fruit and juice. It produces powerful wines with exuberant fruit character. The bouquet is intense and develops rich aromas of exotic fruits (passion, pineapple, lychee), flowers (roses) and spices (pepper, cinnamon).
• 100% Hand harvesting
• Extended and soft pressing
• 4-6 weeks controlled fermentation in stainless steel
• Maturing on the fine lees for another 2 to 3 months
• Vintage 2018
Very mild temperatures in mid-April encouraged rapid budding and very strong vine growth. Mild and sunny flowering period produced grapes of a nice size – a good omen for the harvest conditions. An exceptionally sunny and hot summer followed. The wines of the 2018 vintage are characterised by structure and fullness and retained an astonishing freshness despite the hot August days.
Tasting Notes
The nose is fine and presents a great aromatic richness with notes of sweet spices (cinnamon, cardamom) and exotic fruits( mango, papaya, and guava). On the palate, it shows a great complexity: supple and ample, with persistence on spicy and mango flavours.

Banshee Sonoma County Pinot Noir

An exciting, yet friendly wine, bursting at the seams with aromas of macerated tart cherries, pomegranate and notes of earth of pine.
How It’s Made
Varietal composition: 100% Pinot Noir. Handpicked and destemmed, fruit was fermented in small, stainless steel fermenters at cool temperatures for an average of 21 days. Aged for 9 months in 25% new French oak–Cavin, Rousseau, Remond, Dargaud, Francois Freres & Jaegle barrels.
Tasting Notes
An exciting, yet friendly wine, bursting at the seams with aromas of macerated tart cherries, pomegranate and notes of earth of pine. The flavors combine both sweet and tart with a fruit driven front palate and very subtle oak influence. The finish is bright, slightly herbal, and delicate making this an excellent food wine, as well as a charming drinking experience by itself.

2019 Decoy California Merlot

Established more than 30 years ago by legendary vintners Dan and Margaret Duckhorn, our roots run deep at Decoy. This California Merlot showcases the elegance of Merlot and highlights the bold fruit flavors. Reflecting the character of each growing season and the diversity of our vineyard sources, Decoy has established itself as a wine of distinction. From vine to bottle, we craft our wines to the highest standards, only using grapes from exceptional vineyards.
Tasting Notes
From its plush, refined tannins to its rustic undertones, this alluring Merlot offers juicy layers of black cherry, raspberry and plum. On the palate, the flavors are pure and polished, with a mouth-coating texture that carries the wine to a luxurious, fruit-filled finish.
Throughout California, the 2019 growing season provided picture-perfect growing conditions. Following a cool, wet winter and spring, summer brought perfectly temperate weather that created exceptional flavor development in the grapes. Warm weather during harvest ensured ideal ripeness, resulting in dynamic whites with beautiful energy and complexity, and lush and flavorful reds with deep colors and lovely intensity.

Nieno Senetiner

One of the winery’s flagship brands, a symbol of quality and history that is always in style. The purest expression of the Mendoza terroir, which adds structure, balance and elegance to every varietal. Nieto Senetiner dates to 1888 when Italian immigrants founded and planted the first vineyards in the Vistalba Valley of Luján de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina. Today we carry on our founders’ legacy of fine winemaking and love for the land in some of the most storied vineyards of Mendoza.
Tasting Notes
This Malbec is a deep red color with violet hues. It expresses aromas of ripe red fruits like cherries and plums, and some black fruits like cassis, spices, and soft notes from six months aging in French oak. The palate is fresh, with soft, rounded tannins and good acidity and freshness.

Graham’s 20 Year Old Tawny Port

The Perfect Balance: Graham’s 20 Year Old Tawny is a Port wine perfected over two decades to delight those in the pursuit of excellence. Matured in seasoned oak casks for an average of twenty years, most wine lovers consider the 20 Year Old the perfect age and balance of maturity for a truly great Port.
Time-honoured skills, craftsmanship and dedication are handed down from generation to generation in the form of three unique arts – the art of blending, the art of cooperage and the art of ageing – to produce our extraordinary selection of Tawny Ports. All of Graham’s Tawny Ports have their own individual characteristics, the complex flavours and aromas that pervade each of these unique wines have been developed through selecting only our top quality wines from Graham’s four spectacular Quinta’s in the Douro Valley to age in seasoned oak casks in our 1890 Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia.
Tasting Notes
Graham’s 20 Year Old has an excellent bouquet of nutty characteristics and delicious mature fruit with hints of orange peel, exquisitely mellowed through wood ageing. On the palate, rich and smooth, perfectly balanced with a long and elegant finish.

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